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How to become a Moringa Agent


Hi Friends,

We are planning a new Moringa Agent Agreement and would like to hear your opinion.

A couple of people have told us that they cannot afford the Moringa Special of Buy 6 and get 6 free for R1080. We have been running this exact same special for 3 years now with no price increase. As you know with this special a Bottle works out to R90. So.....

We want to offer a new Moringa Agent Agreement. You will subscribe as an agent for R230 per month. You will receive 2 Bottles of Moringa Capsules. This will include courier delivery to your front door...but that is only the beginning. You will also receive 25% discount on all Moringa products we have on offer...but wait (hehe) that is not all.

We will be combining this offer with a Network program. You do not have to participate in the program but because you will already be an agent, you will be more than welcome.

How will this work?

It will be based on a 2 up mlm system.

If you refer a friend that decides they also wish to receive the monthly special of 2 Bottles plus delivery for R230, you will receive R50 from that sale...each month as long as that friend stays connected. There is no risk because you are already receiving you products and you can cancel at any time you like. With your second sale or referral that you make, the R50 will go to the upline( the person that sponsored you). Every second sale you will receive the monthly R50 and every other sale will pass up to your sponsor. The same thing will happen to the friends you refer. You will receive R50 for every second referral they make. Once again, you do not have to take part, but you can as you speak with people of the amazing benefits of Moringa.

Now, let me show you a bit of the maths behind network marketing! I love this 

Do you think you can find 1 friend per month for only one year, each month, to join this amazing system?

Year 1 - You sign one per month which equals 12 people. 12 x 0.5(because you make R50 on every second sale) x R50 = R600 So now you are receiving your 2 bottles of moringa each month and you are earning R600 per month.

Year 2 - You put the exact same challenge to your 12 referrals. So now 12 people sign up 1 person each month for 12 months. 12 x 12 x 0.5 x R50 = R 3600. By the end of year 2, with minimal effort, you are making R3600 per month. But it is in year 3 where things become really good.

Year 3 - The same 144 people go and each of them sign only 1 person per month for the next 12 months. 144 x 12 x 0.5 x R50 = R43 200 per month.

Add your first 2 years and you are now earning R47 400 per month at the end of year 3. This is with minimal effort.

I call this your 3 year plan to financially freedom. Obviously you can sign more than 1 person per month which will speed up your monthly return. This is also ideal for parent who have children in High School or students in University. Imagine if a grade 8 student starts in January with his classmates...and when he reaches grade 10 he is already financially free and has the best health product on the market.

The future is in your hands...whatever your mind is telling you now, will determine the path the future will take you to.

If this seems interesting to you, comment with your email address and we will keep you updated. We are moving forward with this system. Be blessed

 This is currently only for RSA, if you are from other another country, different shipping prices apply, for example Namibia will pay R350 per month and the product will be sent to your nearest post office.



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