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Moringa and Acne

Moringa and Acne

Acne vulgaris is an inflammatory skin disorder and is the most common type of skin disease among teenagers. The typical changes in the hormonal production at this age play a role in the etiology of acne. Further factors leading to the manifestation of acne are an increase in lipid production by the sebaceous glands, keratinization disorders, bacterial proliferation and inflammatory responses within the pilosebaceous unit. In addition, a genetic predisposition, hormonal changes, environmental factors as well as the use of cosmetics which are improperly used or contain comedogenic substances also need to be taken into consideration. As acne is a disorder of the pilosebaceous unit, acne-like changes generally occur in skin areas which contain a high amount of sebaceous glands, in particular the face and upper body. Source: http://www.scf-online.com/engli…/38_e/keratinization38_e.htm

Adding our Moringa Oleifera 500mg capsules to your meals three time a day will allow you to treat acne from the inside out by improving your diet, lowering your cholesterol, lowering toxicity levels and balancing your skin pH levels. Now you will easily reduce the severity and frequency of mild to moderate acne outbreaks through proper, perfectly balanced nutrition. At the same time, you'll be fighting back the effects of processed foods you consume, automatically detoxifing, and renewing your digestive system each day with our pure, 100%vegetarian nutritional super food product known as Moringa Oleifera. With regular consumption of our Moringa over time, you will subconsciously begin making healthier nutritional choices. You will not crave junk food and sweets. You will crave green things, non-red meats, low sugar foods, fruits and vegetables. Your complexion will improve as a result of balancing your blood glucose levels, LDL levels, skin pH, circulatory and digestive tract functions.

High fat and cholesterol diets play a significant role in contributing to the condition of our complexions. Fatty foods, chocolate, and oils tend to get distributed by our digestive systems directly to our faces, necks, and shoulders; areas which tend to be oil pore reservoirs. Our daily consumption of processed foods containing fats and oils, as well as other additives, is another major contributor to bad skin.

The Solution? Get back to Nature. We need to ingest high concentrations of pure green vegetation three times a day in order to fight back the effects of processed foods on our skin and on our internal organs.

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