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Moringa Testimonials

Moringa and its testimonials...do you know any... - MarkBarbara Lubbe

Moringa and its testimonials...do you know any person who has benefited form this incredible plant....let us know in the comments!
High Blood Pressure
I’m 45 years old and had been suffering from high blood pressure with a usual reading of 200/110. I had been feeling weak and could not walk long distance without feeling dizzy and shortness of breath. After two months of drinking Moringa Tea, my blood pressure dropped to 110/85 and I no longer experience the shortness of breath and dizziness every time I walk longer. It really works for me and I feel that the more I drink the tea the better my body will become.
Rizalde Diokno Gazcon
I have type 2 diabetes for almost 30 years and I have been taking insulin shots twice a day. I had to strictly adhere to my prescribed diet otherwise I will succumbed to a sort of an attack. After two weeks of drinking Moringa Tea, my blood sugar count dropped. After a month of drinking, my doctor told me to take insulin shots only as needed, i.e. only when my blood sugar reaches a certain level.
Tony C.
I was hospitalized for tuberculosis and urinary infections. The antibiotics cost more than P 450.00 per capsule and I had to take five different kinds of medicines. The symptoms would subside but after a while, blood came out when I coughed. A friend let me try Moringa and she told me that it has anti-tuberculosis and anti-bacterial properties. I tried it. My health has improved. I also tried to make the used tea as feminine wash and the itchiness brought by the infection subsided. I took more of the tea because it was a lot cheaper, and miraculously the itchiness was completely gone and I no longer have the symptoms of tuberculosis. Until now, I have been taking Moringa tea because it has helped me a lot and I want to boost my immune system so that I will be totally cured.
Juliet C.
Kidney Stone
Last year, I noticed that I had difficulty urinating and experienced lower back pain. My medical examination showed kidney stones. After a month of drinking Moringa Tea, the ultra sound result showed that my kidney stones were powdered and only few remained. Few months of habitually drinking Moringa tea, my kidney functions a lot better. I can urinate normally and don’t suffer lower back pain anymore!
Bebbie L.
My knees were really painful especially if I eat something oily. I am also hypertensive. My daughter introduced Moringa Tea to me and I just took the tea religiously. Right now, I don’t have pains on my knees and other joints and my blood pressure has been stable.
Rannie Torres
My grandmother, Teodora Briones had a stroke for the third time which rendered her incapacitated, she cannot talk and cannot even wiggle her hands and feet. After she was discharged from Chong Hua Hospital, a friend introduced Moringa ysp Condensed Powder Tea. Although we were quite skeptical about its effect, we let her try. After 1 week & 4 days of drinking the tea, my grandmother was able to get up from her bed by herself and she could move her hands and feet as well as utter a few words. We were really amazed and as of today, she can move around. We are very thankful that such herbal tea is able to be of great help for people like us who can barely sustain our basic needs, much more for medication.
Nova Rementiso, Cainta, Pooc, Talisay
Dengue Fever
A 20 year old Southwestern University student came to see me complaining of severe headache, joint pains, high fever, muscle pains and other symptoms of dengue. Since I’m a doctor of alternative medicine, I prescribed my patients with natural medicine. The therapy that I gave her was to eat apples and take 3 teabags of Moringa Condensed Powder Tea a day. After three days of therapy, the fever was gone and she began to eat and eventually regained her strength.
Dr. Oliver Hill
Menstrual Pain
A week before my menstrual period, I always have severe stomach cramps and migraine. I tried Moringa ysp Condensed Powder Tea and it relieved me of my monthly ordeal. As a dentist, I prescribed my patient to put Moringa ysp Condensed Powder Tea on top of the wound caused by tooth extraction. When I examined my patient after three days, the wound was completely dry and it really shrank to the extent that it was no longer noticeable.
Dr.Brownwyn Ceniza D.M.D
Brain Tumor
I felt numbness in my body, my blood pressure went up, seizure like that of an epileptic, and literally passed out. My CT scan result showed that I have a 4.7 cm x 4.4 tumor close to my brain. Hospitalization and medication were expensive and yet, they didn’t save me from the recurring bouts of the seizure among other symptoms. I discovered Moringa ysp Condensed Powder Tea. It has been two weeks since I have been religiously drinking the tea and the symptoms did not recur. I’m feeling a lot better now and I’m very positive that when I go back to my doctor for check up, a remarkable difference will be noticed.
Mr. Herman Gontinas of Ormoc City
My monthly period lasts longer than normal and I have been very pale which prompted me to consult a doctor. My ultrasound result showed myoma measuring 7.5 cm and 4 cm. Medication is expensive and a friend introduced Moringa Tea to me. After three days of trying, I experienced frequent urination, stomach pain as if there was something going on inside me. Then, I realized I was undergoing a healing crisis or reaction to cure considering that I took so many medications already and I didn’t feel any remarkable difference. I am confident that by taking the tea consistently, I will fully recover.
Zosima Talisi, San Vicente, Liloan, Cebu
Gall Bladder Stone
I felt a sharp pain right below my chest. It was so painful that I almost pass out. I puked a yellow substance and my eyes were yellowish as well. I was taken to Vicente Sotto Hospital and my ultrasound result showed that I have stones in my gallbladder and was advised to undergo operation the soonest possible time which would cost me P 150,000.00. I called up my sister and she brought me Moringa ysp Condensed Powder Tea. I was skeptical about it but I felt I didn’t have any choice but to try. I took two cups of tea, and in few minutes the pain subside. I kept on drinking the tea and fortunately the pain was gone and I was able to go back to Hongkong for my work. Until this time, I don’t feel any pain and I never went back to the hospital.
May Larita, Naga,Cebu
I have been suffering from ulcer for ten years and tried so many medicine and herbal remedies but to no avail. I always feel acidity in my stomach. A friend of mine, introduced Moringa ysp Condensed Powder Tea and amazingly, after two days, all the symptoms of my ulcer were gone. After two weeks of religiously taking the tea, I visited my doctor and found out that my blood pressure became stable. Now, I am taking it everyday.
Eugene Sunio, Bacolod City
Common Diseases
I’m quite aware that Western medicines only alleviates the symptoms of the common diseases like hypertension, diabetes, arthritis among others. I specialized on alternative medicine thus I prescribed Moringa ysp Condensed Powder Tea to my patients. I did a lot of research on the pharmacological benefits of Moringa Oleifera that’s why I never hesitated to try the tea considering that it is purely made from the miracle tree. I tried it with my patients who suffered from dengue fever and lung fibroma and it was effective. Then, I prescribe it to a dialysis dependent patient and after eighteen days of taking Moringa tea, his test result showed a remarkable decrease in createnine. Right now, I am challenging the medicinal benefit of Moringa Tea in a more severe case like lymphoma.
Dr. Oliver Hill
My arthritis started three (3) years ago and I have been under medication but it only relieves the pain but didn’t actually cure. My wife has been taking Moringa for her myoma and she told me that the tea is effective for my arthritis. I’ve always been skeptical about the benefit of herbal tea but I tried it anyway. After taking it for three (3) consecutive days, I didn’t feel any pain on my knees and decided to continue taking it until now. To my surprise, I’m completely pain free and instead of taking my medication, I opted to take Moringa Tea everyday.
Cris Ponce
Skin Allergy, Ulcer & Insomnia
I had been suffering from skin allergy, ulcer and insomnia for few years already. I had a hard time eating because it would result to skin rashes and extreme stomach acidity, even with fruits. In addition, I had difficulty sleeping. I have been taking Moringa Tea for quite sometime already and to my relief, I can eat practically anything without worrying about skin rashes and stomach acidity and I can sleep regularly.
Tommy Misuari
Arthritis and Chest Pain
I had been taking medication for my arthritis and chest pain but still I could barely walk, my entire legs are swollen and had recurring bouts of chest pain. My daughter introduced Moringa Tea and it really gave a drastic change in my condition after three (3) weeks. I don’t have chest pain. My legs are not swollen, I could walk and even go to church without the pain. Now, I am taking it everyday. It’s a lot cheaper and healthier than taking my prescribed medicines.
Fe Vergara
Irregular Menstruation
Before, my menstruation is not regular and once I have it, it would take at least two weeks to end and it really worried me. It is even accompanied by severe stomach cramps. When I started taking Moringa Tea, my menstruation became regular and it would only take five (5) days the most to end and I don’t have stomach cramps anymore.
Therese Torres
I tried Chinese herbal and western medicine for my goiter but to no avail. Doctor advised me to undergo surgery. My husband introduced Moringa Tea and when I took it for the first two weeks, I noticed that my goiter was growing bigger. My husband told me to stop but I continued because I was explained before hand about the reaction to cure or healing crisis that will take place. I continued for another two weeks and I noticed that the bulge on my neck became smaller and smaller and at the end of another two weeks, I could hardly notice it. Right now, I am scheduled to see my doctor for some test and I’m quite positive that I would no longer have to undergo operation.
Nimfa Pepito, Yati, Liloan, Cebu
I am 48 years old and for five(5) months, I didn’t have menstruation. My husband and I entertained the idea that its menopause although we thought that I’m still young for it. I started to drink Moringa tea and after three (3) days, I had my menstruation. Form then on, I am taking the tea daily, and my menstruation becomes regular.
Jahara Asani, Pagatpat, San Roque Mambaling ,
Gallbladder Stone
In 2000, my ultrasound result showed stones in my gallbladder. The doctor advised me to undergo surgery but I wanted to try alternative medicine. My treatment at that time involved drinking a liter of apple juice a day for 6 consecutive days. I also have to take antacid as well for hyperacidity. On the 7th day, I have to fast for a day and take ½ cup of live oil. I started to have greenish discharge and the stones were flushed out of my system as well. Just this year, I felt the same pain and again my ultrasound showed stones in my gallbladder. This time, I was hesitant to take the same regimen because of the hyperacidity that the apple would cause, the weakness in my body during the fasting and the sharp pain when I discharged due to the stone. My daughter introduced Moringa Tea. I have to consume 1.5 L of Moringa tea (the powder included) together with the apple juice for six (6) consecutive days. This time, I did not take antacid because there was no hyperacidity and during the week I could feel that my stool have powdered stones in it. After the fasting and drinking of olive oil, I did not feel weak and no more pain when I discharge because the stones have been powdered as early as the third day that I took Moringa Tea. Now, my gallstone is completely gone.
Herminia Torres
Kidney Stones
I had kidney stones and for almost two years I had been on medication to alleviate the symptoms which cost P 96.00 per day, however, the doctor informed me that 4-5 years from now, I may have to undergo operation. Mr Shoji, the founder and manufacturer of Moringa Tea visited my office to apply for HALAL accreditation and I told him about my kidney stone problem. He told me to try Moringa Tea. That was my first encounter with the tea but I was skeptical about it and thought that he might just be bragging. After 15 days of religiously drinking the tea, I went to my doctor for check and I was very surprised that my kidney stones were powdered. Another 15 days passed, I went back for check up and this time the stones were 100% gone. My office workers in OMA have been suffering from hypertension, arthritis, and other complicated symptoms. I introduced Moringa Tea to them and miraculously, the symptoms gradually disappears. I strongly believe that I have to share what I found to others and somehow it became my duty to tell others.

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